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We started keeping bees in 2013. We now have 14 hives and we keep them as naturally as possible. We can’t control where they forage (they will fly up to 5 km) so we are reluctant to use the term organic, but we use no antibiotics or synthetic chemicals on them. Our honey is unpasteurized and delicious!!!

Some of our bees are in our backyard (of course) while others are on a nearby organic farm they share with cows & horses who also enjoy the clover and other flowers. We try to give them all they need and then leave them alone as much as possible so they can do their amazing work. We hope you enjoy the products of our hives and our bee family!

Catherine & Jack

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Sponsoring a Hive & Swarm Removal

Are you interested in supporting bees but aren’t able to become a beekeeper?  You can sponsor one of our hives and for that you will receive updates on your hive and 10 jars of honey.  Contact us for more details.

We also remove swarms in the Waterloo Region.  Contact us if you have some bees that need to be moved to a happy home!

Equipment and Supplies

Are you interested in supporting bees but aren’t able to become a beekeeper?  You can sponsor one of our hives and for that you will receive updates on your hive and 10 jars of honey.  Contact us for more details.

We also remove swarms in the Waterloo Region.  Contact us if you have some bees that need to be moved to a happy home!



Honey & Bee Products

..And Where to buy Honey

We offer a wide range of Honey and Bee Products. Please send us a email and let us know which product you are interested in.

Our honey is great for teacher, hostess, and thank you gifts.  We can personalize them for Weddings or Corporate gifts.  We also offer custom gift baskets.

Catherine & Jack

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Our Products – all honey is raw and unpasteurized. Our favourite way to eat any of these is on a spoon! We’d love to hear how you use them.

Wildflower Raw Honey

Liquid Honey/Raw

Best choice for baking and cooking. Of course good on toast and in smoothies.

500 g $9

1 kg $16


This full flavoured honey is much sought after and said the be ideal for colds and sore throats. You may almost taste a bit of molasses! Perfect for those who don’t want it too sweet!

500 g $ 10

1 kg $ 17

Creamed Honey

Our preferred choice for toast but also perfect for hot drinks.

500 g $10

1 kg $17

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Warms you up and incorporates the healing properties of cinnamon. Wonderful in coffee. Makes the best cinnamon toast!

330 g $9

Jar of Ginger Creamed Honey

Ginger Creamed Honey

Warms you up, great for digestion and sore throats.

330 g $9

Jar of Cocoa Creamed Honey

Cocoa Creamed Honey


My replacement for Nutella!! Perfect for a sugar fix and loved by kids small and large!

330 g $9

Jar of Lemon-Licious Liquid Honey

Lemon-Licious Liquid Honey

We made this after my parents visited Australia and tried it there. A great way to get your Organic Lemons all year round!

330 g $9

Jar of Orange Blossom Honey

Orange Blossom Honey

Unfortunately we don’t have an Orange Orchard for our bees so we use an Organic Essence and the flavour will transport you to the Orchard in your mind!!

330 g $9

Jar Honey with Pollen Jar of Honey with Pollen

Honey with Pollen

Pollen is an amazing superfood with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Instead of a vitamin pill we take this in the morning or when I need a boost!! The pollen is of course, from Ontario, so may also help prevent seasonal allergies.

330 g $12

Chocolate Honey Caramels

Honey Caramels

Theses Caramels are lovingly made by hand and dipped by a local Chocolatier. They come in Plain, Sated, Roasted Pecan and our new flavour - Mint.
Great for a unique gift or just a treat for yourself!

Available in 2, 4 and 8 piece boxes for $3.50, $6 and $12.



This superfood gives you an amazing dose of all the essential amino acids, vitamins B, C, D, E, Lecithin & Anti-Oxidants. Did you know that pollen is richer in protein than any meat or eggs!! It is said to help strengthen your immune system as well as contribute to vitality and longevity. You can sprinkle it on smoothies, salads or other cold drinks or just take it straight off the spoon! Start with a few granules to 1 tablespoon a day.

22 Amino Acids, 18 Vitamins, 25 Minerals, 59 Trace Elements, 11 Enzymes or Co-Enzymes, 14 Fatty Acids, 11 Carbohydrates & 25% Protein.

225g and 460 g $20 and $39

Paw Wax for Dogs

Paw Wax

All the salt and snow can irritate the paws of our 4 legged friends. This blend will protect & moisturize their pads and help them keep up with you on your winter walks!! Contains our Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado & Calendula Oils.


Hand Salve

This hand salve is wonderful for winter hands, dry heels, eczema and any dry skin. Includes beeswax which acts as a barrier to keep moisture in and slows drying. Not greasy and smells amazing!


buzz balm lip balm

Lip Balm

Buzz Balm, the base contains beeswax, organic coconut oil and Vitamin E. Organic Essential oils added for Peppermint and Tea Tree. Organic flavouring added for Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla.





Tea Tree





candle overview image

Nothing smells better than beeswax! It is the very best aromatherapy you'll ever find!
All our candles are hand poured in Waterloo, Ontario using 100% beeswax from local bees. Wicks are all cotton braid for the best burning.

Suggested candle burning activities: read a good book, enjoy a candlelit dinner, meditate, have a good conversation. Whatever you are doing these candles with clean the air and bring a warm glow to your space.

Tea Lights

Great for all uses. These are sold without cups as a way to reduce waste. If you need cups please specify.
Burn Time: 4 hours

Pack of 6 for $7 or $1.25 each


Votives For when you want more burn time!


Bee Hive Votives

A votive that you'll love as much as this bee!



These old world beehives burn beautifully. You can almost hear the buzzing!


Snowman Candle


This little guy is great for decorating! You can even use him as a tree ornament for a spectacular look.


Gems Candle


For all you crafters out there looking for just a little wax, these gems will be enough for most projects.


Apple Candle


The perfect gift for your favourite teacher, or just someone who likes fruit!!


buddha Candle


Enhance your meditation session with this little enlightened one.


Xmas tree Candle

Christmas Tree

Light up this lovely tree to make the season bright! Great for holiday gifting or for your own cozy home.


Snowflake Candle


Who doesn't love a snowflake. Or two! Perfect for coming in from the cold.


Rustic Pillar - Small candle

Rustic Pillar - Small

A favourite, this candle has that rough look of dripped wax.


Rustic Pillar - large

Rustic Pillar - Large

The beautiful look of dripped wax, this will last for many hours of quiet time!


Birthday Candles 12

Birthday Candles

$12 for pack of 12 candles

Tapered Candles

Taper - Large

Makes dinner special!

$14 per pair

Wax Brick


1 pound block for when you need more than just a little wax for your idea.


Where to Buy Our Honey Products

We are a small scale beekeeper. We believe in keeping bees as naturally as possible. We believe it is our job to learn how bees work and to support them in any way we can. Our honey is sold from our home by appointment (just email us to set up a time to drop by) as well as the following locations. We generally don’t ship as we believe it’s best to buy local but if you don’t have a good source or really just want something special we offer, please email us and we will be happy to help!!

Backyard Honey Company

by appointment only please!!

404 Palamino Place Waterloo bhc.catherine@gmail.com


Relish Cooking Studio

70 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, N2H 5C2 www.relishcookingstudio.com



150 Caroline Street South, Waterloo www.vincenzosonline.com


Vibrant Farms

2669 Carmel-Koch Road, Baden





Mama Earth Organics - Under Pantry/Sweeteners




Charles Quality Meats


401 Weber Street North, Waterloo


Ambrosia Corner Bakery


324 Frederick St., Kitchener, Ontario


Zero Waste Bulk


110 King St. South, Kitchener Bulk Liquid Honey & Candles




Bee School

Learning for Kids and Adults

Bee School

I have been sharing my passion for bees since 2013.  My talk includes the basic biology of the bee, the way to distinguish between bees and wasps, why bees are so important to us, what we can all do to help and more.  Of course I also share plenty of cool facts about bees!

My talk is generally an hour but can be tailored. I present information interactively for 30 minutes followed by an opportunity for the children to hold a full frame of honey, taste some of our honey, take a close up look at pollen and to get their hands on some of the bee equipment like empty frames, smoker (not lit!) as well as candles.  

Our bees are kept naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial chemicals. Our honey is raw and unpasteurized.  Our hives are kept on a local organic farm, other than the one hive in our backyard, hence the name of our company - The Backyard Honey Company. 

I have a brief flyer to be sent home to the parents to provide basic information about such things as how to liquefy honey that has crystallized, how to remove a stinger correctly, bee vs. wasp info and some plant suggestions should anyone want to “feed the bees” in their backyard.  I also include information about my honey so that they can order products that will be brought to the talk.

As a local, small scale beekeeper I appreciate the opportunity to share the exciting world of bees with such a curious audience!

This talk is great for schools, camps, parties or just a gathering of children who need a fun way to spend an hour!!

Please contact me to set up a date at bhc.catherine@gmail.com or call 519-465-3378

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Honey Parties

Fun for Adults

Backyard Honey Company - Honey Parties - Adults - Events and Gatherings

Honey Parties are my opportunity to share the amazing world of bees with an adult group. My talk is generally an hour and covers the issues bees are facing, health properties of the hive as well as more in depth cool facts that are sure to wow!

I ask that the group be a minimum of 6 people. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends and learn about the creatures that make cashews, coffee and chocolate possible!

At a time when bees are struggling it is wonderful to find so many people interested in finding out more.

Please contact me to set up a date at bhc.catherine@gmail.com or call 519-465-3378

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Love and Celebration

To help you celebrate a very sweet day in your life we have 2 options for your marriage to your true honey!

Our mini jars filled with our unpasteurized Wildflower liquid honey. Caps in Gold, White or Black. Available in 45 or 60 ml sizes.

New this year are our Honey Caramels. A unique way to enjoy honey coated in delicious chocolate! The Caramels come in Plain, Salted or Roasted Pecan and can be a mix of your choice.

Most guests choose to decorate the jars or boxes themselves to be sure it matches their colors. Labels available for an additional 30 cents each.

45ml $2.75 each More than 200 $2.55 each
60ml $3.00 each More than 200 $2.75 each

Caramels: $3.50 each More than 200 $3.25 each

Minimum 3 weeks notice. Shipping extra.

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Bee Venom Therapy - BVT

Bee's Helping People

Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) is the therapeutic use of honeybee venom, through live bee stings, to bring relief and healing for various ailments. It is one component of Apitherapy – the healing properties of the hive. Also included in Apitherapy is the use of honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax and Royal Jelly. BVT was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and China and is still used in many cultures today.

What is BVT used for?

People report finding benefit from BVT with conditions such as arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteo), bursitis, tendonitis, Lyme disease, MS, Parkinson’s, shingles, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, cancerous tumors, herniated discs, bone fractures, sprains, neuralgia (diabetic, post-herpetic), scar pain and more.

The healing capabilities of bee venom is due to:

It's ability to decrease inflammation, stimulate a healthy immune response, improve circulation and to effect the biofilm of spirochetes (Lyme) and other cells (AIDS, cancer).

The sting stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, a natural human hormone that has anti-inflammatory properties. Bee venom is comprised of 18 compounds, one of which, melittin, has been found to be an anti-inflammatory 100 times stronger than cortisone. Another component, adolapin, acts as both an anti-inflammatory and as a pain blocker.

BVT stimulates the body’s natural immune system to produce a healing response to the injured or affected area as well as causing the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of bee venom can help treat conditions where this is needed.

Treating Yourself at Home

Many people treat themselves at home if they don't live close to an Apitherapist or just prefer it. If you want more information about how we can help you get started, please contact us.

We Ship Bees

almost anywhere in Canada as well as the equipment needed (tweezers) and Hivetttes (our name for a Bee Buddy) for those who wish to keep their bees that way.

We provide coaching and documentation to help you treat safely and smoothly. It's easier than you think!

We offer BVT weekly in Waterloo and Toronto. Please contact us for more details or to discuss if this treatment is suitable for you.

Please contact me to set up a date at bhc.catherine@gmail.com or call 519-465-3378

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What People say about our Honey and other products...

- I like when my money supports local products and businesses.  Backyard Honey has awesome products - myfavorites include Wildflower Honey (for my tea and baking), Creamed Honey (to spread thick on my toast) and Buzz Balm (to keep my lips moisturized).  I also love the beeswax candles - they smell amazing.  Thank you to the bees and to Backyard Honey for such sweet products!

- Tina

Your chocolate covered honey caramels are the best caramels I've ever had! I purchase them through Mama Earth but if you have a retail space in Toronto coming, I'd love to know. Thank you for making them.

Natalie - Toronto

What people say about Bee School for kids….

Catherine is friendly and knowledgeable and keeps kids engaged by showing large visuals and beekeeping equipment throughout her talk. She does a good job alternating between her prepared remarks and responding to audience questions and reinforces learning by asking the audience questions, too. It's obvious that Catherine enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious. I recommend her for any group interested in learning more about honey bees and beekeeping.

- Anne, 25th Brownies Waterloo

Catherine has brought her bee school to my kindergarten classes twice over the past two years, and each year the kids just loved it. She is great at speaking to their level and including their questions in her talk. She is really enthusiastic about bees and covered the curriculum pieces I wanted addressed. The kids just loved being able to taste the honey and smell the beeswax. They spoke about the Bee School for many days afterwards!

- Alison

Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing your time and knowledge of bees with my Kindies today, and a little taste of AMAZING honey too! Very informative and inspirational. Bee colonies are such incredibly advanced and intricate "communities" and they deserve so much respect....for what they are as well as how we all benefit from them.

- Andrea

What people say about Honey Parties for adults…..

I found Catherine's presentation on Bee's and how honey is made to be very interesting and funny at times.   You can really tell how much she really cares about the bees and her work.   It was interesting to see how the different kind of bee products can be used in a holistic manner as well.

- Love and light, Angela

I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine's presentation to us on honeybee's She is a great ambassador for them! I came to her presentation with really no idea of basic info about bees or what to expect. What I learned about this amazing insect threw me for a loop as I kept dropping my jaw! Thank you Catherine for so willingly sharing your knowledge. I highly recommend it!

- Gail

What people say about Bee Venom Therapy…

My name is Nick and I have had carpal tunnel for 15 years. I had the standard operation on my right hand with no success my symptoms worsened and I lost my job as a result of the deterioration in both my hands. I was told by the hand and upper limb specialist that I have a 15% disability in both my hands and more surgery on either hand was pointless.

That was in 2004 so since then I sleep about two hour intervals and wake with the constant pain and numbness in both hands. In the summer of 2014 I was asked to try bvt by friends to see if it would help me. So I overcame my fear of being stung by a honey bee and tried it. Believe me I had no thoughts of this being able to help me I was more concerned with letting someone sting me.

I had my right wrist stung once and went home that night and cared for the sting like I was instructed to. That night I slept for four hours and to my surprise my right hand was not numb or as painful as usual. My left hand still remained the same painful and numb. It was the first time in 15 years that I had relief from the pain and numbness of carpal tunnel. This had my complete attention and I started going on a weekly basis.

After a couple of weeks having my right wrist stung and steady improvements I started having my left wrist stung as well. The results to my left hand took about three visits before I started to feel the results that my right side had. And I started being able to sleep for six hours or more without being woke up because of the pain and numbness that to me was a gift that is beyond words.

The strength and endurance in my hands has slowly and steadily improved and now I go when my hands need it. Sometimes I can go three or four weeks before I need to have my hands stung again. I have been able to get a job and depending on my work load determines how often I go for BVT.

- Nick


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